vampire love poems

vampire love poem

Sences moving within me
Warming me with blood
Sleek white skin under,
a bosum so bust
Just two marks, left
from my teeth, that are now
dripping wet with blodd, from
my lover I have drank
From her skin I have bitten
From her soul I ahve seen
From her heart I have felt.

Drink my Love

Yes Love.
Dig your fangs in my neck so deep.
Savor the taste.
Suck and Drink
Allow my blood to impower thee
Awaken the beast hidden inside of me
Drink my love
For you have been weak
I wish to be the aid
-The Queen
To my Vampire King
Empty my body of the human blood rein
Fill me with your venom
So I could too,
Know the vampire ways
Yes drink my love
So I could live an eternal life
Forever with you
as your Vampire Wife
Endore the taste
Embrace my body
Wrap your arms around my waist
I have fully transformed.
I feel the change
I feel the coldness in my veins
I feel my teeth razor sharp.
No longer blunt.
Come my love.
Let us hunt.
For I sense a craving
A craving for blood.
Let us drink
My Vampire Love

Vampire Love - vampire love poetry

Hours ago, just at midnight,
We danced together under moonlight.
I pulled you by your arm,
to come inside, where it was warm.
You pleaded with me to let you go,
I was desperate for you, and wouldn't take a no.
And secretly, I know you wanted to be with me.
You didn't put up much of a fight to leave.
We stayed together, till the sun was apearing.
You left me with a kiss, that I found endearing.
Our love is pure, our promise true.
If I live forever, I'll live it by you.
And I probably will, considering this curse.
I'm forced to the darkness, consumed by the worse.
By day I am human, by night I'm alone.
You never see it, because I make it unknown.
I'll never hurt you, but I'm telling you why,
There is no way that I can die.
You need to know just what I eat.
It's only ever always meat.
But please don't go, my love and leave,
You've no clue how long a vampire can grieve.

Vampire Love - John Enright

My darling, since you last went out
At night, I think you've changed.
My heart is turning dark with doubt.
I fear my brain's deranged.

I've noticed that your blotchy skin
Is somehow getting clearer.
I've noticed that you're paler in
Your image in the mirror.

Is that a hickey on your neck?
What are those two red dots?
Don't tell me that was just a peck!
Now, do you have the hots

For someone else? Who was that guy
I saw you with last night?
He slipped away before my eye,
As if he'd taken flight.

Oh darling, I am sick at heart.
You're going out again?
Give me a kiss before we part
To ease this aching pain.